Hello families,

I hope this message finds you and your loved ones happy and healthy in body and mind. It may be that you’re sleep deprived, but we don’t need a vaccine for that…Reach out!

While we all transition into this new way of being, I recognize the many similarities the general population is sharing with families of newborns. Social distancing, washing hands, laundry, dishes…everyone is practicing impeccable hygiene, and dealing with overwhelming feelings. The difference is, you have a little one at home with a weak immune system, and as much as friends and family are wishing to visit they can’t…So you (and your partner) are on your own.

If your struggling with unanswered questions, can’t find a rhythm, and sleep has taken a back seat, please reach out. I can help. Sleep is essential in keeping our immune systems strong and our minds sharp. Nutrition and exercise are also priorities.

I can’t be there to bring you home cooked meals, or rock your baby to sleep, but I can give you the tools you need to get a better nights’ rest, and exercise your lungs. Doctors and nurses are discovering the life saving effects of having strong lungs. So get up, get out, move around, do the tummy time, and practice breathing with your baby.

I also teach breathing (pranayama) and meditation as well as yoga. Breathe with your baby, and they’ll catch on. They do as you do, so be the peaceful energy you wish to see in your child and show them the way.

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