It Takes a Village

We’re all unique… But so much alike…

I am honored each and every time I am handed a brand new baby being. To hold them in their first days truly feels miraculous and reminds me that I’m where I should be. Some wiggle instinctively and call out, knowing I’m not their mother, before trusting and settling with comforting rocks, shushing and bum pats. Others gaze intently into my face, listen to my voice, and search my features and energy as best they can while their bodies rest, motionless. And of course there are also those who except me in an instant and drop into sleep, limp after just a few moments in my arms. Each meeting is unique and special in so many ways.

Over the years of caring for newborns I’ve discovered many enlightening things, but what seems most helpful to share here and now is a method that works for all sleepy  (not hungry), fussy newborns across the world…

Replicate the Womb: In the first few weeks Newborn’s will crave this familiar feeling.

  1. Swaddle, I recommend double swaddling a newborn in just a diaper using a receiving/hospital blanket, and reinforcing with a Velcro #SwaddleMe
  2. Cradle your baby close enough to hear you’re beating heart.
  3. Dim the Lights
  4. Pat baby’s bottom at a steady pace.
  5. Breathe deeply…Inhale and exhale at the pace of waves crashing #ujjayi
  6. Shush loudly (over their cries), at the pace of your beating heart.
  7. Rock side to side at a comfortable pace while standing, bounce, or sit and rock in a chair.

Try not to be discouraged if your baby needs more. Sometimes they do need a distraction, something to shift their focus. Trying fresh air, a soft light, the sound of a hair dryer, or passing them to a partner may do the trick!

Interested in hearing from other new mamas experiencing similarities… And differences… Virtually sharing with others while a doula is there to support you?

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