My journey…

I’ve always been drawn to babies…Even as a baby I was taking care of babies. Hearing them giggle always filled me with joy; and soothing a cranky baby to sleep has always taken me to a blissful state. It was a calling I always held in my heart and followed…

Lucky for me, when I was just 9yrs old a “baby boom” started in my family and over the next 4 years I was blessed with 10 new baby cousins! I did overnights with my aunts and was a mother’s helper on the weekends. I was a busy babysitter and ballet demonstrator through high school; and vacationed annually with families I helped. I learned to multi task in college, at Lehigh University, studying and nannying for infant twins, a 3yr old, and an autistic 5yr old (same family). After graduation, I made the move from Pennsylvania to San Francisco and acquired my masters in patience as a live-in nanny for 6yr old twin boys. I also worked as a mother’s helper caring for newborns and their mamas while the twins were at school.

In 2008, I started blogging about newborn care as I cared for newborns full-time during the day (twins, baby brothers and their big sisters, singletons, and sharecares).  In that time, I realized the importance of sleep and began researching myself while also picking up certifications from Gentle Ventures as a Newborn Specialist and Sleep Consultant. I began to notice patterns, similarities and differences in each unique newborn that I cared for, and over 12 years have developed a set of techniques and guidelines I teach to help babies learn to soothe themselves. As the families I helped referred me to their friends seeking advice, my inbox started filling up with questions and I had to put a system in place. This is when I started doing phone and email consultations for any and everyone seeking guidance in the realm I had become so passionate about.

Today I am the mom of a spirited 5yr old boy and a precious 3yr old baby girl. In these bizarre times while we’re all navigating physical distancing, the journey in “homeschooling,” and maintaining inner peace and mental health…My family enjoys exercise and nature most mornings, siestas in the afternoon, and dance parties before dinner with daddy.  We “Zoom” happy hour with our friends around the world and relax in the mundane of long bubble baths, popcorn, the wisdom of Mr. Rogers, and horsey-rides to story time and lullabies before bed. When life returns to a new normal…we’ll continue to enjoy camping, skiing, surfing, and hugging our friends and family.

In May 2018, I became a certified yoga teacher. While I can no longer offer private practice in your home I have a short list of inspirational yogis, my teachers, you can follow online (just ask!). Until I can be back in your home I will continue to offer my support via video or phone consultation. While newborns and sleep are my focus I’ve found meditation and breath practice to be supportive tools I can continue to teach under any circumstance.

If you seek support, a safe place to vent or bounce questions, wisdom from someone who’s been there over and over again…or you just need another way…another tool…reach out, I’m here for you.