“Dior was a huge help with us with Will and truthfully, since working with her…we haven’t looked back.”

“You are an expert…Any new mom would be so lucky to have you.”

“It’s because of you that she has become the best napper/sleeper ever. It has truly been the best gift to her and to myself and my hubby…. And to anyone who has to put her to bed!…Incredible for all of us!! Thank you Dior for everything!”

“I just wanted to report that Emery has slept 10hours straight the last 2 nights! She was absolutely terrible Thursday night but ever since she has been amazing! Hoping we are on the other side now and she will only get better!  Thanks again for your help!”

“DIOR YOU ARE A LIFESAVER!  We had a rough 48 hrs this weekend and I poured over your notes. Thank you so much for your diligence night after night. Your insights are super helpful.”

“You really inspired me and I looked at my entire routine/sleep/feeding situation with fresh eyes…I hope you know what a ray of light you are for moms like me…You’ve changed our family life over here and we are very appreciative.”

“I not only had no idea how to create structure for a baby, I quite honestly didn’t know that was something they needed. After following her very thoughtful plan, and being coached through more than a few panicked situations, I have 3 children who sleep 12 hours a night. The third started doing that at 7 weeks old, her methodology works. Dior not only loves and understands children, she spends her life trying to see the world through their eyes; my children are happier and healthier because of her advice and guidance.”

“My 9-month old napped exclusively in our arms or in a carrier and slept in our bed at night. The routines became untenable for us, but we were afraid it was too late to achieve sleep independence. Dior guided me through a gradual, step-by-step process to help our baby sleep in her crib. We are thrilled to say we have achieved sleep independence after only two weeks and relatively little crying! Our baby has learned to self soothe and is getting more sleep and I finally have a few hours to myself during the day and more uninterrupted sleep during the night than I have in a long time. The process took patience, discipline and persistence, but was completely worth it. I couldn’t have done it alone- thank you, Dior!”