Sleep Services

Phone Consultation: $4/min – Call or email to schedule talk time. Includes a follow-up email.

Weekly Package: $400 – Up to 1.5hr talk time, and unlimited emails throughout the week for up to 2 caregivers. Includes a tailored sleep plan and routine.

Monthly Membership: Please call or email for details.

the gift of SLEEP: $400 – This is a gift any family welcoming a newborn could use. If you want to go above and beyond the shower registry, don’t know what to gift a mom having her second or third baby, or your own family is struggling with sleep consider this sleep package: One week of unlimited phone, text, and email consultation for mom and her newborn 0-12 weeks. Informative emails including valuable advice from the day they bring baby home to healthy routines for 0-12 weeks will be sent to all who receive this gift.  *Gift certificates in the amount you choose are also available to be used in anyway. Either can be mailed to you or the expecting mama.

Night Nannying:  My rate for an 8-12 week commitment is $400/night. I am available 1 to 4 nights a week 9:00p-7:00a. Consultation included while we’re working together. Additional daytime support is optional.

*Available April for in-person services (with mask). I am currently living in Edwards, CO.

*FaceTime or GoogleDuo Optional!

Virtual Private Practice: I come to you (virtually!) while baby naps or kicks on their playmat at home, or in a park. I teach breathing, seated and rocking meditation in the early weeks. Between 6-8 weeks postpartum I can begin guiding you through a 20min choreographed flow, simple enough to do in your own time. I’m also happy to answer questions or address concerns you may have about your newborn in the hour we spend together.

*Accepting donations for this offering.
(N/A) In-Home Consultations: $400 – 3-4hr of consultation, &/or rest for you, and care for you and your baby. This includes a detailed log of my time with your baby, any notes, personalized sleep plan, and a follow-up consultation.

(N/A) Single Overnight: $500 – 10hr shift between 8p-6a. An overnight includes, consultation if you choose, monitoring and caring for your baby throughout the night – encouraging healthy sleep habits for mom & baby, a detailed log and notes, as well as follow-up consultation/conversation via phone. This is a great option for a family in need of a good night’s rest, interested in having a tailored sleep plan.


Getting Started: In addition to any details you wish to share, I invite parents to email a log of 2-3 days with their baby to maximize our time throughout any consultations.

It’s helpful if your log includes:

Eating times (nursing-how long? bottles-how many oz?)
Sleep times (how is she falling asleep? where is she sleeping? for how long?)
Activity time (what type of stimulation is she getting? ex. tummy time, out for a walk, visiting friends?)
I also look for regular bowel movements and wet diapers, so please include this as well.
Reviewing the log allows me the chance to understand your baby and lifestyle, and identify relevant topics for discussion.

Questions? Comments? Please contact me. I am happy to address any questions or concerns. 

**I’ve teamed up with Classic Kids Photography to gift families a complimentary photo session. Just ask! Photos can be seen here on my site and at